NOTE: I've started a redesign and plan to include all the updates in that one. So, just be advised, this hasn't been updated since 2001. Enjoy! (04/09/10)

Hi there! Enjoy your stay, and feel free to sign my guestbook and comment on anything you see here or anything in general.

For those of you wondering what the background image's "Jason" in Korean. In Korea, people use stamps with their names on them instead of writing out their names. Thought it was neat.

If you have any ideas about this site, let me know...I've seem to run out of them. =)

**Guess what!! I finally got around to adding something new. =) There's a 'Journal' listing under 'Writings'. Basically it's going to be me writing whatever...probably venting...sharing how my day went....all that fun stuff.

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