Here are some links that I've gathered....

Friends Sites:

  • Matthew Aguirre - a CS grad who's staying at Tech for grad school. And he's a dork for trying to do html while signing my guestbook (it's okay...he's a really neat guy, if he doesn't scare you at first. ha!). And here's the domain that he bought, in case anyone was

  • Mike Choi - a friend from hs/youth group

  • David Klos - ah...what can I say? Another good friend who wants me to either go and be a ski-bum in Utah for a semester or go out west for the summer....hmm...

  • Kevin Reed - a lucky punk who went to Europe to study for a semester....and my roommate =)

Some sites that I find interesting:

*you'll have to start reading from the beginning. trust me. it's worth it. =)

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