Pictures by Jason

Okay people, you've asked for my pictures...and since I recieved a scanner from a very good friend of mine, I've gotten off my lazy butt and scanned some, here goes! I would add more, but for some odd reason, I seem to take horrible pictures. =(

me, before prom

Katrina and me, (she's my blind date...for prom no less!)

a little after actually getting my diploma (Mike, SaeWan, Me, Angela)

ah yes...grad night... :) comment

it's fun dressing up and doing fine dining (Lynda, Dan, Spencer, Me, Lori, Mark)

I'm very possesive about my stuff

there's nothing better to do (Shashi)

as always . . . college students just sleep (Mark)

Spring break @ Nags Head, NC...I'm not sure if I have a copy of me doing the same...hehe (Mark)

winter break @ Snow Shoe, WV...just arrived and debating what to do (Lori, Kevin, Rolland [on bed], David)

One of dave's ideas... XD (Rolland, David)

Jumping and bouncing...we're just kids!! (Lori)

Looking for an inexpensive place for dinner ...turns out we went to one of the more expensive ones =P (Kevin, David)



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