I think that this has been a good creative outlet for what I've experienced. I'm going to try to add all of what I've written...and maybe help explain why I wrote them.... =]

  • All I am - I like this one because I was using that magnetic poetry board, and I was limited to what words I could use.

  • How is it? - pretty straight forward. =\

  • As I Looked At Her - I really like this one...I ended up having it published in a poetry book. I thought it was pretty cool.

  • As the ink flows forth from this pen - An interesting one for me...it was written because of this girl that I liked didn't know that all the stuff I was writing was for her...

  • As the sun sets - not sure why...

  • I looked before my life

  • I can control not

  • Summer rains fall - I liked writing this one because I wrote it after I climbed a mountain in Korea....it was great....the view was beautiful, especially with a slight mist coming down. This reason doesn't make sense, since it's not really a "happy" poem. =)

  • The wind was blowing softly

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